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Do any of you on my f-list have Nendoroids/Petit Nendoroids? (I know you do Riolulz)

I've just got the rest of my Madoka Magica petit Nendoroids after it was delayed due to customs. They're really cute, but I have one problem and that's putting them together. Maybe it's easier with the original size Nendoroids. I only have one, Azusa and I've lost her stand. Thing I'm having trouble with is putting the figures on their stands. I get the pole to connect to the stand, but I'm having trouble connecting the pole to the hole at the back of the Nendoroid. If anyone can help it'd be really appreciated! :3

I'm hoping once I get more money to buy more anime figures, I really like them at the moment, there's some really nice ones out there that aren't too expensive. I want to get a Menma (Anohana) Nendoroid, An Elsie (the world only god knows) Nendoroid and this figure of Fuko (Clannad) I've seen on ebay.
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Soul-Maka. :3

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Hi everyone,

I hope you guys are doing okay. <3

I'm okay I guess my temp job ended last month and I've been looking for work again since then. I am thinking about taking an Apprenticeship in Office Administration, but I'm not sure at the moment. I have also been contacted by another recruitment agency who are interested in me working in another temporary position doing data entry stuff on excel. I will be happy to take it on if they want me, just worried that I won't be good enough for the job. But I guess that's how I'm like at the moment, I put myself down a lot. Hopefully it'll get better once I'm in more of a permament job or when things get better at home. My mum's just got out of a long relationship. I'm trying to be there for her and support her. I just gotta stop worrying about things I guess. xD

If you didn't know I'm a really clumsy person. I drop things and trip over things a lot. On Sunday I tripped over the rabbit run and fell pretty hard on the concrete. So now I have cuts and bruises on my elbow and stomach. I'm sure it'll heal soon though.

I've been watching The World God Only Knows lately. I really like it! :D Elsie is so cute, I like that she has Amu/Ohana's voice actor and she loves fire trucks. <3 I also really like Kanon, Ayumi (Asunyan's va!) and Keima. I really want there to be a third series. It seems like it could be possible, but at the same time apparently it wasn't popular enough in Japan? Ohh I really do hope there will be more! >3<

Also right now I'm really trying to finish Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep. I only just got it a month or so ago and want to finish it before I buy the 3ds game.
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BW2 girl&lt;3

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Hey guys I hope you're all okay.

I'm not.


My fluffy cute Rabbit that I've had for just over year has sadly passed away today.

I'm pretty sad now. ;;

I love her a lot, my strange, silly, fluffy, cute girl.
BW2 girl&lt;3

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So christmas is coming up oh and also things are being released/announced which I would like to buy so I need to start saving.

For Pokemon stuff there's some cute stuff in the christmas promotion and I would also like to try and get an Emolga talky. And the christmas Oshawott plush.

For anime merch I really want to get the banpresto prize figures of Madoka Magica. They're all so nice. But I'll probably get Mami and Sayaka.

Then earlier today I was looking at new stuff on myfigurecollection. Wow there's gonna be Madoka Magica plushies as well! :3

First I saw these: which are okay, but kinda odd looking, only Homura looks nice really.

But then I saw the Movic ones due out soon! :D >
They look pretty nice. (though I kinda wish Mami's hair would look nicer) Not sure who I might get. :'D

Anyway sorry for going on about merch and stuff. I'm just happy so much nice stuff is coming out!

Hope people are okay~ My day's been kinda sleepy and rainy.
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BW2 girl&lt;3

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I went to expo today.

Though I had barely any money, it was good!

I saw Warwick Davies, Martha (Doctor Who), Vic and looked at stuff and bought some things. (Not much though) I got a Rilakkuma clearfile, a cute notebook, sweets, drinks and an alice in wonderland necklace.

I was a little sad though. ): ):

I was really looking forward to the pkmncollectors meetup but I couldn't find pkmncollectors people at all. ): I wanted to say hi to those cool people. Next time I'll definately get a contact number or something. I hope you guys who went had fun anyway! :3
You may have seen me. xD I had a stripey red top on and was holding my Oshawott ty plush.

<3333 Anyway my next convention will be either May or July next year. I hope they'll be good too.

How's everyone else today?
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BW2 girl&lt;3

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Hello friends~
I've just got livejournal and hoping I can get to grips with it okay. :'D
Uum hello livejournal!
I like anime {shugo chara, higurashi, pokemon, etc}, cute things and stuff like that.

Lastly hiiiii to Lina and John! <3 -waves-

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